10:17 AM

Balanced and Stable gameplay

Utilizing our previews PW experience we managed to do our version of a Balanced PVE and PVP server.

- Midnight Team

Unique and the most customizated

New old, unique and most important upcoming: Fashion, Mounts, Flyers, weapon fashion and pets.

- Midnight Team

Free, just download and try!

Fly with us in a perfect world, let's build our dream, to do so please invite your friends and your friends friends. The more the better!

- Midnight Team

Update version 9

Hello, this was the needed changes- Celestial Tiger Event Rewards modified, you can now exchange Celestial Chests for S+ avatar cards at God and Teleporter Seior.- New item "Weekly Contract" that you can trade for S+ avatar cards, Tyr Wine and Valhalla Medals at God and Teleporte ...

Thursday 17th of June 2021

Update version 8

Odin has sent his Valkyries to take you to the hall of the slain. Start we swiftly with steeds unsaddled-hence to battle with brandished swords!- New PvP event hall of the slain:Rules: Party is not allowed.Rewards:1# place 4x Valhalla Medal2# place 3x Valhalla Medal3# place 2x Va ...

Saturday 12th of June 2021

Update version 7

Hello, we are sorry this patch took sooooo loooong, the main thing that was fixed was the fashion weapon that took ages to fix.Next: - We added Wood Dummy's: Courage Path / Gate of Aniquity / Cromagnone Village / Angler's Village / Plain of Ferewells / Archosaur, Western Outskir ...

Wednesday 2nd of June 2021

Easter Patch

New events available between 27 and 10 May: - Donation Event 50% more donation credit for 10 euro and above. - Quiz Event - 523, 665 West City- New Item : Ragnar's Gold Sheet that can be obtained by farming Dragon Quest Items (DQ) (See PW Botique Agent for more info). You can t ...

Tuesday 27th of April 2021

Update version 5

Hi, 1) Vote sites fixed2) Added live player rankings3) Fixed all bugged skills4) Added Veno and Mystic 5) Guild Icons Updated6) Added 2 new events : Candy Eater and Avalanche Invasion7) Fixed Action Stones8) New panel functions : Unlock Meridian, reset character exp and unstuck w ...

Tuesday 6th of April 2021

Version 3

Hello and welcome!The server is finally open please update the client and good luck to you ingame!Also join our discord : https://discord.gg/WF3ABMrxtvWatch the starter guide : Midnight Team, ...

Monday 15th of March 2021


About the server:Our vision of a perfect world private server, the server will be a mid rate with tons of customization like monster/bosses skins, fashion, flights and etc.The server is a mid rate server will have original settings, but with custom farming system.Hosting a tru ...

Tuesday 1st of December 2020