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About Gameplay

Starter Area

You start with:
Geographic Map

Right click the Map to start opening waypoints.
Double click the Golden Chest in the upper left hand side and accept the first to rewards.

You will receive:
5 hypers
1 Training Esoterica
25 Festive and Fresh Dumplings
25 Rainbow Lantern Yuanxiao.
Activate your Hypers and right click your Esoterica and follow the arrows down to the orchard. Here youre going to kill the Dancing Rabbit mobs. You should level quite fast.

Dancing Rabbit Drops:
Dancing Rabbit - you will need 30
Dragon's Pack - Dragon Orb Flame x12
Mirage Bag - 40 Mirage Celestones

As you level you'll receive more rewards from the Golden Chest. Accept them as you go. I usually accept the ones that are useful and leave the rest for later as to not clutter my purse.

Once you hit level 100, pause your hypers and run back up the hill to the starter area.

Speak to Commander-in-chief 319,487
Accept the Rank quest then the Badge of Rank Quest. You'll already have your 200k Reputation. Thank Jesus! Dont have to do all the damn clicking to turn in rep!

Speak to Ti Chien to get your first cast R8 gear. Theres no need for wedding candies to get your wrists and boots. :) I never get the insignia cause its junk and you just gotta trash it later.

Now speak to the Starter Gear npc. 318,491
This is where the Dancing Rabbit mat comes into play.
Exchange your gear for the upgraded version.

Next talk to the Welcome to Midnight PW npc. 320,494
Choose either Sage or Demon.
Right click the mat in your bag to complete your culti. Do a "I dont have to suffer through doing culti" dance. Also you will get a bunch of titles. Its mildly annoying  to wait for them to finish so if you dont wanna wait just relog. You'll still get them all and you dont have to wait an eternity for them to complete.

Talk to the Watcher of the Earth npc while youre there to get your genie.

Now youre gonna run over to Master of Cycles npc. 318,490
Choose the Reawakening option and click the "Reawaken" Button.
This is gonna set you back to level 1 again so run back to the orchard and kill more of the Dancing Rabbits. Restart your Hypers and Level to 100 again. Then run back up the hill and talk to the Master of Cycles npc again and repeat the process for your second rebirth.

Now hit "C" and allot your attribute points according to your class. Be sure to allot 75 to strength so you can wear your helm.

Now you're done with the Starter area!! Teleport to Western Archosaur.


After you teleport to Arch.

First off.
Its always best to join a guild. Theres a few around. Lots of Good Helpful People.

You should start by alloting your points so you have a little power behind you
Then learn the skills you can.
Then go into PV.
Khoan the Survivor: (Located 531, 642)
You will likely need 3+ runs to have the spirit to learn all your skills.

Now you need to look at doing Daily Quests from the Loki or Odin Npcs

Open Primal World by doing the very short pink questline starting at General Summer then Enter Primal World and talk to the Mirror to do the meditation quests. Once finished. Complete the Search for Energy quest. Its reward includes a vitae powder which will put you up to Mirage Sky I which will allow you to enter Undercurrent Hall and Flowsilver Palace.

Open Morai by heading to Elysium Village and speak to Spirit Loyan to enter primal. Once you have teleported jump off the platform and speak to the teleporter and go to Luminance. Upon porting in you will receive the quest Elder Knows Best. Now Teleport to Thousand Streams and speak to the Elder. Turn in the Elder knows best quest and then scroll to the bottom of the list and choose A Tiny Fib. Now return to Luminance to complete the short 10 min questline to open Advanced Endless Universe.

Now you can complete your dailies. Most often theres squads running UCH and AEU. You only need to ask and people will happily help.

Youre going to need to run either Nirvy or UCH to start your gear.

You get your skills and passives from the boutique. You can get your Demon/Sage skills from Event Boutique > Shop > Skills and New tabs. Your Passives and Advanced skills are in the Fireworks tab. Ulti's are in the Cubi Gold side under the Point tab for VIP points. Or can be obtained with Vote tokens from the website at Vyn Ren, The Trainer NPC in west arch 522, 659.


Things to know about Midnight PW

Roll Call:
50k Homestead
EXP Scroll
War-God Pack
You'll recieve one of these randomly for each hourly check-in

Loki Coins:
Undercurrent Hall - 48,000 Loki Coin, Daily Quest
Nirvy - 2,500ish per run, Spamable
Various quests from Loki NPC

Odin's Wisdom:
Obtiained by doing quests from Odin and Loki NPC

You get DQ from Wraith packs from the Candy Event.
Strong Acid
Strong Venom
Element Light
Compound Venom
Exchange them for Ragnar's Gold Sheet at the PW Boutique Agent DQ 2 tab
Then Exchange the Ragnar's Gold Sheet at God NPC for Money Bags.


God and Teleporter Seior: (All Teleporters)
This is your main NPC. The Trade option will be where you will get the majority of the things you need to gear.

Loki: (Located in all major cities)
Here you'll find quests for Bosses that will reward a range of materials like Loki coin, Odin's Wisdom, and War avatar chests.
Personal opinion. The rewards are not really worth doing the quests unless youre just really hard up for Odin's Wisdom.
Theres also and engraving function at this npc using Spectral Flames.

Odin:(Located in all major cities)
Here you will find the quests that you will do daily.
Lunar Glade (Reward: 1 Lunar Glade Coin) which youre likely going to be running anyways so might as well pick up.
Belle Leun, the Mad Princess/FSP (Reward: 100 Odin's Wisdom)
Advanced Endless Universe/AEU (Reward: 100 Odin's Wisdom)
Vanished Ancestor (Reward: 5 Odin's Wisdom)
Vanished Ancestor EX (Reward: 5 Odin's Wisdom)
Also theres
Illusion Lord Armageddon (Reward: 1 Odin's Wisdom)
Holeen, Champion of Fientazzar (Reward: 10 Odin's Wisdom)
Mask of Madness (Reward: Mask of Madness)
I personally dont do the last 3. Takes too long for such small rewards.

Hallowed Rand VIII: (Located in West Arch)
This NPC has all the "Perfect" gear; that is made with Perfect Shard which can be obtained through the website or the God npc.
It is also home to the End Game Helm and Cape. Which can be crafted with 4 Perfect Shards per piece.
You can also engrave youre gear at this NPC using a combination of Big Notes, Uncanny Ore, Ancient Emblems, & Thor's Ore.

Contemplation Forge: (Located in North Arch)
You will use this npc to craft:
All R8 materials
Reawakening VI Finger Bead
Dustfall Artifact
Basic Badges
Seal of Wars
Iron Ridgeknife (Pot to increase Weapon Dmg by 28% for 1 hour, 5 loki coin)
Copper Paperwieghts(Pot to increase Weapon Dmg by 40% for 1 hour, 5 loki coin)
These will be used to craft many of your endgame items such as rings and tome.
This is where you will upgrade your tome as well in the Tome tab.

Ascension Forge:
Access Tab:
★★★Badge of the Cube: Defiance (Elemental)
★★★Badge of the Cube: Defiance (Protection)
★★★Moon's Embrace (Magic Ring)
★★★Star's Destiny (Might Ring)
Both the Rings require a  ★★Sky Cover or ★★Cloud Stir

R9 Acc:
R9 Advanced Rings (★★General's Badge, Dustfall Artifact, Finger bead, 1 Big Note)
R9 Advanced Belt (★★★Badge of the Cube: Defiance, Dustfall Artifact, Finger bead, 1 Big Note)
The Ring is Endgame and the Belt is an alternate to your R9 belt so you dont have to choose between the 2. Make sure to make the Elemental version of the ★★★Badge of the Cube: Defiance because thats the one required to make the belt.

R8 Forges: (Located in East Arch)
Starter Gear Forge:
If you havent already made your R8R2 in the Starter Area you can make it here. It will require the Dancing Rabbit Mat to reforge it which is obtainable only in the Starter Area. Here you can Reforge all of it to R8R2 then you will move to the Fortifications: Reshape NPC.

Fortifications: Reshape:
Here as with any other server you'll reshape your gear. You'll need to get your materials either from the Contemplation forge in North Arch, Packs from the Candy Event, or Sharp Packs from the God NPC. Once you've Reshaped your gear youre going to need to buy some Chicken Stones (Chienkun Stones) from the boutique and head over to a Spirit Forge. Now theres several around in all major cities. I just always use the one in thousand streams cause its my lucky spot) there you can reshape your gear until youre happy with your stats. May the odds be ever in your favor. :)

Automated Events:

The Candy Event is really good for Noobies. It happens at 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, & 23. Server time. It will be announced in System Chat before the start. You head to west and dig the cute little Candy. It takes a minute to dig and then 3 Candy Eaters mobs will appear. Murder them (they are easy one shots) and they drop Wraith Chests (Drops DQ items) and coins. Youre a Noob so pick up the coin cause youre gonna need a ton of coin. When you dig the Candy often you will also get a random goodie in your bag.

Avalanche Events:
The Avalanche event is good for when you have progressed in your gear a bit and are stronger. I dont advise going as a noob unless you enjoy eating the floor. This event starts at half past the hours of 3, 9, 14, & 21. It will be announced in System chat about 1 minute prior to it starting. Head to Avalanche and kill the Mobs: They drop various DQ, Wraith Chests, Big Money Bag (200 Event Gold) & Money Bag (2 Event Gold)
It would be smart to join a party for this. Teamwork is good. More mobs killed, Less death and more income for everyone.

You can go 3 ways with your gear.
R9R3 Armor R9R4 Weapon (Pack in the Misc Tab in God NPC, 6000 Loki Coin. 3 Nirvy Runs)

R8R2 which you can get from the R8 forges

Hallowed Gear which you get from the Hallowed NPC in West Arch. (1 Perfect Shard Per Piece)

★★★Crown of Madness - Packs
★★★Matchless Wings - Packs
★★★Wings of Ascension - Combine Matchless Wings and Dustfall Artifact at Light Envoy Jade Snow NPC (Located in South arch)
★★Solar Slaughter/★★Mortal Slaughter - Crafted at Light Envoy Jade Snow NPC
★★★Badge of the Cube - Crafted at Contemplation Forge in North arch
R9 Belt/Ring - Crafted at Contemplation Forge in North Arch
Emperor Tome - Crafted at Contemplation Forge in North Arch
S Cards - Obtained from the God NPC with SOT Skulls or Loki Coin or Boutique
Starchart - can be obtained with SOT Skulls, Undercurrent Coins, Website with Donation or Vote Credits.) or Jones/Omaly Blessing can be purchased for Cubi Gold. Jones blessing can be optained as a reward for the Pirates quest in Nightscream.

Fashion can be obtained with Cubi Gold and Event gold. Random dyes and Hot Color Packs are available with Event Gold. Specific Colors are available in the Cubi Gold section for VIP points.

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