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Video Guide How to Start

All skills are at the event boutique. Under tab skills you will find all your demon/sage skills and under tag firework all the rest. At nighscream island there is also a mob called “Pirate minion” south side of the island that drop random Morai skill packs for each class. I would suggest getting your morai skills through there. Even gold you can farm either by trading bank notes at GOD NPC, or SOT Skulls from same npc.

How to farm Loki coins:
1 way is by doing dailies, another way is by doing nirvana and trading the chest at GOD npc for Loki coins. 3 full runs of nirvana gives you more than 6k Loki coins. Nirvana also gives a special blessing on the leader in order to help him farm faster. Another way for Loki coins is Undercurrent Hall. Each run can give you 12 Undercurrent coins which can be traded for 48k Loki coins.

End game gears here are r8r and r9r3 with r9r4 weapons. There are also G17 weapons but only up to stage 4. That means they have the same damage and stats as the r9r4 weapons. The starter gears you get from the starter area cannot be upgraded to end game ones. That means you will need to get your ring/cape/helm from Odins Pack. You can get Odin Packs either with Undercurrent coins, via vote gold from the website or via donating. As for Scroll of tome, you can get either from the website with vote points / donation or in game via packs (low chance) or from a repeatable quest from Odin “Lunar Glade” that rewards you one Lunar Glade Coin. With 15 of those you can get a Scroll of Tome from GOD NPC. You can do that quest how many times you want per day.

Check the Jewelcrafter npc to see the custom recipe for shards. You need dustfall artifact to make +2 shards. You can get those At Nation War forges at north Arch for Loki coins. In order to make +3 shards you need to combine 3 x +2 shards and 1 or 2 mask of madness (depends if it is attack or defense). You get Mask of Madness as rewards from 3 primal dailies. Those dailies are: Stronghold Assault, Rescue the Raccons, Raccon Alliance Pact.