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Unlock endless universe for bh ghostwing

To start doing EU, go to 206, 567 in morai and talk to Situ.

Take quest A Village Past. Follow that questline, talk to Huazen and then find Little Leaf, and then fly over to Glory and finally back to Huazen.

At this point open your quest log and check the 'Find Quest' tab. In the pink quests, you'll see "Morai: Time and Illusion"

Now this questline starts at Sukino Row which is waaaaay the hell across the map. So I advise you to take the advice of this lazy person and teleport to Valley of the Silent.

From here you'll speak to Sukino Row and then to Glory; who will send you back to the main map to retrieve Essence from the major cities.

Once you have obtained all the Essence. You will return to Glory where you will turn in 6 separate quests. (annoying)

Next you will pick up the quest "Taking Time" which will send you back to Sukino Row who will give you the quest "Shattered Fate" and sends you back to glory. Feels a little like when you ask your mum for something and she says "ask your dad" so you do and he says "ask your mum" but don't worry we are almost done.

Glory is going to have the quest "Of Fate and Truth". Upon accepting that you will get a pop-up sending you back to the main map to speak to the elder of thousand streams.

When you turn in to the elder you'll be gifted a completely useless weapon, but speak to the elder again and pick up the quest "Stolen Essences"

Wew... Almost Finished!!

Stolen Essences will send you back to Morai to speak to Keek. Use the illusion stone to teleport to Endless Universe. This will spit you out right next to Keek.

Turn in the Stolen Essence quest and accept "Keeks Information" this quest is going to send you to the other side of the ramp to talk to Crimson Imperial Envoy.

"Pick your poison" will reward 1 Tuc Su Toxin.

Now you're ready to enter Endless Universe :)

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